Traktor Pro DJ Software For Mac 3.2.1

November 5, 2019 - Native Instruments (Freeware)
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Traktor Pro DJ Software is an integrated DJ mixer with studio-quality EQs and filters, flexible performance effects, automatic beat-matching and intuitive control functions that accommodate DJs of all styles and experience levels.

It is the best platform that top DJs trust on Traktor Pro DJ Software for Mac with Remix Deck technology is the most advanced version of the app ever. Perform your mix on up to four decks, featuring TruWave colored waveforms, powerful looping and cueing functionality and an exceptional effects suite.

Traktor Pro for Mac is Ready to Remix. Get started in seconds, fire up the Remix Decks and seamlessly merge the worlds of DJing and live performance.

traktor Pro DJ

Traktor Pro DJ Software Features

Stay in sync

The software is great for honing your beatmatching skills, but you can also blend genres and bridge BPMs by letting the program do some of the work. Hitting the Sync button quickly gets your tracks beat-matched, so you have plenty of time to experiment with your mix.

Remix with loops, hot cues, and beat jumps

For those who really want to put their stamp on a set, the industry’s most reliable and seamless loop, Hotcue, and beat jump tools let you chop and re-edit tracks however you like. Unless you want to cut things up outside of the beat, the app will make sure you never skip out of the groove.

Full fx suite included

Modulate your tracks with over 40 intuitive, high-grade effects. the software’s famous Deck FX can twist and screw your tracks with endless variation, while new Mixer FX introduces easy-to-use effects in a single control on each channel. Turn them up, down, on, and off, for sonic exploration that’s out of this world.

New interface

We’ve overhauled the program’s user interface for extra clarity by flattening and sharpening it, so you can see everything you need to at a glance in challenging environments. New master and channel level metering means you can accurately gain your mix with full visual feedback.

New mixer fx

Whether it’s heavy drops or smooth transitions that define your style, new Mixer FX are designed for one-knob modulation with big-sounding results. Choose from eight extra effects and three new filters to assign to each channel, in addition to the product’s famous Deck FX.

Scratch with any soundcard

TRAKTOR SCRATCH is now included in the PRO version, right out of the box. This means that DVS DJs using timecode vinyl can now use any soundcard they like, in addition to tried and tested, the SCRATCH Certified soundcards and mixers. So if there’s a model that does it for you, or if you’re playing back-to-back with somebody on a different setup, TRAKTOR 2019 latest can adapt.

Sound your best

The app sees a series of changes to the audio engine, designed with club- sized sound systems in mind. New Elastique 3 time-stretching, an improved master limiter, and industry-mixer modeling options mean that whatever your style, and whatever you do to your tracks, they’ll always be music to your ears.

Plug and play with any gear

Got a mixer or controller you know back-to-front, inside-out? Aside from seamless integration with all the software products, you can also hook up lots of the tool-ready gear. Most industry-standard equipment you’ll find in a DJ booth is compatible from the get-go, so you’ll never arrive at the club unprepared.

Remix decks

One-shot samples and loops on Remix decks blur the lines between DJ and live performance. Insert samples, atmospheric effects, and more into a Remix deck and trigger them in sync with the rest of your mix. Drag a loop you like from another deck to keep it playing in your remix deck for extended mixes.


The Stems audio format splits tracks into four musical components, such as drums, bass, vocals, and melody, so you can mix them independently. Edit and re-edit in the heat of the moment, blend basslines and vocals from tracks you know to create tracks you didn’t.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Four decks Configuration options can get very complex
Set hotkeys
Advanced filters and effects
Comes with full documentation

System Requirement

Operating Systems macOS, Mojave macOS, High Sierra macOS, Sierra OS X
Processor Intel Core i5
Hard Disk Space 500 MB Needed
Additional Information An Internet Connection

Technical Specification

Title Traktor Pro DJ V3.2.1
File Name Native_Access_Installer.dmg
File Size 386.69 MB
License Free
Release Date October 22, 2018
Date Added October 22, 2018


Traktor DJ 2 is a worthy successor to Native Instruments’ with tightly beat gridded tracks. If you play electronic music or at least recent music, you will feel at home. The company has given us a look into what is in store for Traktor users in the future, as the cross-platform nature of this clearly indicates a roadmap whereby Trak will one day catch up with and presumably eventually replace the old version.

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