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October 23, 2019 - (Freeware)

Microsoft Word or MS-WORD (often called Word) is a graphical word processing program that users can type with. It is made by the computer company Microsoft. Its purpose is to allow users to type and save documents. Microsoft Word is a software that is used to edit, create, or print documents And Download.

You can make PDF, TXT, RTF and many other types of documents files with this. This app is created by a very well-known company, Microsoft, which is the world’s leading company in technology. They created much other software like this, including MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS OneNote, and many others.

Microsoft Word Software Download

These can be used anywhere in Schools, Office or Homes as well. It is used worldwide to make Resumes, make question papers and other sorts of documents can be made with this. This app is available for many platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and even Android phones.

Since its appearance in 1983, this app developed into a comprehensive editing suite that provides a spectacular level of support for users of all levels, from novices and students to businesses of all sizes, government agencies, and multi-national corporations. After the appearance on several PC platforms, MS Word finally became part of the celebrated suite of document, presentation and email editing applications Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Word Free for Windows is available both in the standalone and bundled form inside MS Office. Any of those versions brings to access to a wide array of text editing, formatting, collaboration and publishing tools suitable for the needs of every user.

How To Install and Use

Microsoft Word is an extensive application that requires a comprehensive installation package, which will extract the app on your PC and integrate it deeply with the functionality of your OS (especially if you are using Windows 10).

The user interface of the latest MS Word does not step out of tradition, providing large canvas for word editing and a tabbed interface on the top that hold the majority of the app’s tools separated in ten main sections – File (handling of opening and saving of files, exporting, sharing and printing), Home (basic text formatting tools), Insert (home of chart, picture, table, text box and comment tools), Design, Layout, References, Mailings, Review, View and Help. Similarly, like other MS office apps, the functionality of MS Word can be enhanced with standalone plugins, making your daily workflow even more optimized.

Add-ons can cover various functionalities, including expanding on the core capabilities of the program, like adding a brand-new spellchecker, file converter, workload timer, diagram creators, text-to-speech, plagiarism checkers and many others.

Microsoft Word Software Features 


If you are not good at English and feel a problem while you type something then don’t worry about this. Because in the new version of Word you will find an Auto-Correct tool that automatically corrects your mistakes and replaces it with the correct word.

This can be enabled or disabled from the menu if you don’t like it or somehow you are writing in any other language. Because this may auto-correct those words which are not from English and you can face an issue with this.

Review Changes

When you give your project to someone else or you just left your file at home or in-home and you have doubt that someone has edited it then you can also view it. You can turn the Track Changes option which is located in the Review Tab and then you can see clearly what is changed or not in red color.

Change Capitalization

Usually many people accidentally press the Caps Lock button and they type more than a paragraph but later they realize all words are in capital format. So, in this way you have to clear all those texts and write it again?  But with the help of Microsoft Word, this problem is now solved.

It has the Capitalization feature which you can use to change your whole paragraph or a specific sentence in Sentence Case and everything will be normal. You will find other options like Capitalize Each Word, UpperCase, LowerCase, tOGGLE cASE. This option is available At home and then tap on “Aa” and you will find all these options there.


You just need to click on an email and then enter all email addresses to the boxes where you want to send. It allows you to send files to many people at the same time. In this way, you can save a lot your precious time and also send files faster and easier.

Leaving Commands

In case if you don’t want to make changes in the file and want to give a suggestion to someone then this is the perfect thing for you. MS Word allows you to add a comment or give a suggestions feature which can be found under insert options.

This is useful when you write an assignment and giving it to your teacher so now the teacher can easily tell you where you made a mistake and what thing to avoid. It can be done by selecting any specific word or a sentence and then right-click on Insert Command.

Save Formats

Just like other word processing software which has only a few formats to save your documents with. This MS Word will let you save your documents in many files whether it’s TXT, Docx, Doc or even in the PDF format.

Below is the list of complete formats which supports Word

.doc, .docm, .docx, .dot, .dotm, .dotx, .htm, .html, .mht, .mhtml, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, .txt, .wps, .xps, .xml

Direct Print

In most software where you create and edit your documents, you will be asked to save it first and later you can send it to anyone else for printing. But now it becomes easy to print your documents without any issue you just create any type of document like Resume, Assignment, Cash Memo, etc. After this simply click CTRL + P key together and you will be able to directly print your created documents without opening any third-party tool.


If you are a new designer who just starts using the word and don’t know how to make a perfect resume or other types of documents. Then don’t worry about this because this awesome application will provide you with 1000+ templates of all types which you can use. When you open the Word at the start screen you will see free templates available so choose any of that template and edit it with your details and boom you got a professional document.


Since Microsoft is a very huge company and its Word is being used by thousands of people around the world. That’ why they added the compatibility of many platforms like Linux, macOS and now it is also available for Android and iOS. So, now you don’t need to carry your laptop anywhere to make changes in your document just open the file in Mobile application and edit the things you want and save it.

Write Anywhere

One of the best things about Word is that it allows you to write anywhere on the sheet. Like other software, you don’t need to go with the line and restrict you to avoid writing anywhere else.

If you are an odd writer and want to have full permission to write anywhere then you can choose this application. You are allowed to write anywhere whether you are writing poetry or you are mixing the things. All you need to do is double in any area where you want to write and then start writing.

Other Microsoft Words Key Features
  • Search Content, Information, or Material
  • Bing Search
  • Access Credible Sources
  • Add Citations
  • Proofing Tools
  • Create More Impactful Documents
  • Improve Writing Skills
  • Design Documents Using Formatting Tools
  • Mail Merge
  • Customized Application Workspace Toolbar Layouts
  • Integrated Graphics Drawing and Image Manipulation
  • Macro Scripting Support
  • Retina Display Support
  • Full-Screen Mode
  • Task Pane
  • Smart Lookup
  • Co-Authoring Capabilities
  • Skype Integration


Microsoft Word software carries with it several advantages that you can benefit after download it.

  • Quality: Word produces error-free documents. The spell and grammar check in word processing makes the document to be error-free.
  • Storage of text: We can take any number of copies with the word processor. If we need this same document with slight changes we need not type the same letter again just by making some slight changes we can obtain a modified copy easily.
  • Time-saving: We can get any number of copies of documents in the future without retyping
  • Securities: We can protect the documents of word by giving pass word.
  • The dynamic exchange of data: We can have dynamic exchange of objects and pictures from other documents into word processing documents. The documents can be linked to each other.

Microsoft Word Pros And Cons

used it as a notepad, created/exported tons and tons of documents. Microsoft Word acts can sometimes fail to load when working with large files.
Features like editing, inserting and printing are available. Customer support from Microsoft sucks.
improved to beat off new competition. you must pay to be able to use and access all its functions.
Easy to navigate
easy to use, intuitive design.

System Requirement for Microsoft Word Software Download

Operating System Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Processor 1.6 Ghz, a 2-core processor for PC intel processor for  mac
Memory 4 GB(64-bit), 2 GB ( 32-bit) RAM for pc, 4 GB for mac
Hard Disk Space 4 GB available disk space for PC,  10 GB for mac
Graphics Directx 11 graphics card

Technical Specification

Title Microsoft Word Software Download For Mac
License Trial
Filename WordRetail_0381543215.exe
Filesize 2.2 MB
Release Date November 12, 2018
Date Added November 12, 2018
Author Microsoft


Microsoft Word is one of the best Word Processing application available until now. There are several other apps like this available on the internet but they don’t have features as this app has. It can be used in small or big business to create a cash memo, joining letters, applications, and other documents.

Microsoft Word Software Download For…..

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