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October 18, 2019 - (Freeware)

Maxthon Web Browser is a powerful cloud browser developed by Maxthon which has a highly customizable interface. The browser has multiple tools that make your web experience more enjoyable, such as resource sniffer, screen capture tool, night mode, and cloud functionality.

It represents the next era of web browsing, leveraging a new approach to technology and user experience leadership for which the tool is well known. It also represents the latest chapter of a rich dialogue It has had with its global community since the creation of MyIE2.

Maxthon web browser

Powered by the tool’s cloud engine, this app goes beyond other browsers to make the true seamless browsing experience a reality.

Maxthon is not limited to a single device ecosystem or operating system. It moves more types of data from browser to browser without detouring through a series of cloud-products. Simply put, It removes artificial limits of device type or operating system, moving and putting all that is important to users into one or all of their web-connected devices.

It still retains every essential tool and functionality of standard web browsers today while running very fast and having unique features. The search bar is at the top, the suggested pages are at the bottom, the window is situated at the upper right side and the tools and options are placed on the upper left side. Opening tabs show the web browser toolbar for a minimal and less cluttered page. Users can resume their activities from desktop to mobile devices since every activity is recorded.

Users can sync across platforms to handle online activities like emails, file sharing, and even communication. The Maxnote is for bookmarks management where users save their favorite websites while editing the viewing method. The Passkeeper provides password securing with password generation that has a very encrypted combination. It fills the generated password for making any new accounts.

The email is a centralized email service where it can host all different email accounts. Users can manage their various accounts like categorization, custom rules, messaging and even creation of virtual email addresses. These 3 Maxthon Cloud browser features enable fast switching since the tabs are running above the web browser interface. The web browser offers its own custom skins and web extensions to enhance the online surfing experience.

Users can change the skin of this web browser so that it looks personalized and unique. Most of them are made by users too. The extensions meanwhile function like any other web extensions found on popular websites. Each of them serves different kinds of functions such as cache eraser, media downloader, social media shortcuts, translator, and so on.

The Browser addresses the fundamental issue faced by web users today: how to access and use all the web has to offer with different devices in a seamless and unified way, any time and any place.

Maxthon web browser

Maxthon Web Browser Features

Tabbed Browsing Interface

Maxthon Browser’s powerful tabbed interface will give you the best browsing experience without taking your taskbar space away. All the web pages are arranged inside Maxthon Browser’s main window. Multiple web pages are indicated by tabs for easy navigation.

Mouse Gestures

Command your browser just with your mouse! Mouse Gestures are another revolutionary invention among browsers. With ‘Mouse Gestures’ enabled, you can use your mouse to command Maxthon easily. And Some people say that it feels like playing KongFu with their mouse.

Super Drag&Drop

Maxthon Browser introduces another revolutionary technology to speed up your browsing – the ‘Super Drag&Drop’. With ‘Super Drag&Drop’ enabled, you can open new links by simply dragging and dropping the link on the page. You can also drag&drop to search selected words with the default search engine or open a link in a new tab or save the selected content when CTRL is held down.

Favorites Bar

Maxthon Browser provides a customizable favorites Bar for better access to your “Links” or favorites from other folders. You can open all favorites inside a folder. You also have the option to set favorites as “Most Favorites” in the favorites sidebar and open them when Maxthon Browser starts. Even more, options are available from the right-click menu.

Ad Hunter

Popup ads, Flash ads, Floating ads, Image ads… Get enough with all these annoying ads? Here is the solution: AD Hunter. AD Hunter consists of several neat functions to block all kinds of ads. You can use the “Auto Filter” to block popup ads or set up a “Filter List” for more accurate and customized blocking.

IE Extension Support

Can the Google Bar and other IE Toolbar be installed and used in third-party browsers besides IE? Even Google will tell you NO, but we can say YES. In fact, not only the Google Bar is supported. Maxthon Browser can also support a lot of other IE plugins and toolbars like FlashGet Bar, etc.

External Utility Bar

With Maxthon Browser, you don’t have to start other programs by switching away. Just add them to the Utility Bar and launch them by a single click. You could even set them to start and shut down with Maxthon Browser automatically.

Privacy Protection:

We care about your privacy. With Maxthon Browser, you can erase all your browsing information easily and even automatically. You can clear your private information such as the browsing history, cookies, cache…etc with a single click. Furthermore, you can even set up Maxthon Browser to clear all your browsing information automatically when it closes.


Maxthon Browser supports flexible skins to change the look of the browser window. With skins, you can change the icons, colors, and backgrounds of Maxthon Browser. If you want, you can also disable them to enable Windows native skinning. There are already 300+ skins created for Maxthon Browser and more are coming. Be sure to visit the Skins site to find out how beautiful the Maxthon Browser could be.


You can further enhance the functionalities of the Maxthon Browser with plugins. Besides the IE plugins, Maxthon Browser supports its own even more powerful sidebar and toolbar plugins. There are already 400+ plugins created for Maxthon Browser and more are coming. Be sure to visit the Plugins site to add even more features to Maxthon Browser.

Compatibility & Low on Resources

Maxthon Browser has full IE compatibility which means you will still have all you have in IE. Maxthon Browser uses very few resources, resulting in an average of 65% less RAM usage compares to IE when having the same large number of pages open.

Maxthon web browser


  • Added the setting for HTTPS non-secure origins
  • Fixed the crashes issue when launching Maxthon 5 via the external link
  • Fixed the issue that the shortcut letters could not be displayed in the international version when right-clicking on a link
  • Fixed the issue that the browser suggested you set it as the default browser when opening the HTML file
  • Fixed the crashes issue in XP system when launching Maxthon 5
  • Fixed the issue that the print function could not work properly under some situations

Pros And Cons

Powered by Webkit and Trident web engines Minimal access to help
Maxthon skins and web extensions Lacks auto-update
Maxnote, Passkeeper, and UUMail Privacy not guaranteed
Cloud synchronization Tabs are messy to use

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 98,Windows 7,Windows XP,Windows 2003,Windows 2012,Windows 2000,Windows 10,Windows 8,Windows Vista,Windows 2008
Hard Disk Space 64MB Free

Technical Specification

Title Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows
Language English
Available languages English,German,French,Chinese,Japanese,Polish,Spanish,Italian
License Free
Date added Friday, June 28th, 2019
Filename mx5.2.7.5000.exe
Filesize 55.1 MB
Author Maxthon International Ltd


It concluded that Maxthon is a standard web browser based on cloud and Its customization options, low system requirements and the possibility to extend use plugins make it a viable choice when it comes to web browsers.

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