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October 19, 2019 - (Freeware)
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KeyBlaze Typing Tutor is a highly interactive program that will help users enhance their existing typing skills. This can be an excellent option for writers, marketers, secretaries, and anyone who wishes to increase the number of words typed per minute. This software is absolutely free to download. It can work with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The app’s main focus is to help individuals learn the fundamentals of keyboarding in a structured but also fun way.

The app offers a fun and easy way to learn how to type and improve your typing skills and includes practice lessons that use popular examples in poetry and prose, then gives you problem keys with advanced typing tests and games.


KeyBlaze Free Typing Tutor encourages users to employ all ten fingers; excellent for anyone who is accustomed to ´pecking´ at keys. An algorithm will highlight words that require more practice and it automatically calculates the amount of typed per minute. A virtual overlay of two transparent ´hands´ and an on-screen keyboard provide a useful visual guide during the learning process.

After testing, Typing Tutor features useful evaluation tools like keyboard highlighting to show correct finger placement and identification of problem words, as well as handy tools like a WPM calculator, tests that determine your current level, and a printable course completion certificate.

It’s great for beginners, but it has more to offer to those who already know how to type. The lessons are easy to understand, getting progressively more difficult to master, and effective, with immediate feedback that helps users quickly overcome bad habits. Practice makes perfect, or at least an improvement; KeyBlaze is a great place to start.

Key features of KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

Lessons – KeyBlaze may look quite thin in features at the first glance, but students will run through a comprehensive skill training schedule with tutorials covering the home keys, neighboring keys, capitalization, punctuation, and numbers. There are over 150 activities to practice your skills which also include 10-key numeric keyboard lessons.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor

Rehearsing – The tool ensures that students will actually practice the lessons they have just learned. It sports a huge range of rehearsing lessons including poems, prose or essays. This is a nice feature to get users motivated.

Games – KeyBlaze provides a set of games to allow some fun while learning but mainly to improve your typing skills, of course. “Word blizzard”, for example, allows students to accurately type ‘falling words’, whereas “30 Seconds” encourages learners to try and master speed typing.

Dictation – For those who are willing to brush-up their skills for transcribing, KeyBlaze offers a built-in dictation tool which is a nice add-on and worth checking out.

Assessments – Of course, people want to know where they stand before getting started. Students can check their expertise by completing an assessment test when starting it for the first time. You will get your results straight after finishing the test.

Testing – Throughout the course, you can take tests at various intervals to track your progress. Don’t be shy, even if you don’t like them, but they will provide essential hints to some of your strong and weak areas.

Tracking – Furthermore, it will keep track of your activities by calculating net and gross words per minute (wpm) aiming to motivate students to do better in the next task but also providing useful stats. You will also find statistics on error and correction rates as well as accuracy levels.

Finger Placement – KeyBlaze aims to help eliminate doing common mistakes again and again. For example, it will correct finger placements on the keyboard by highlighting the right position.

Weak Areas – The tutor aids to identify the words and characters which are troubling most, and will encourage students to practice them more often and with a stronger focus. However, unlike other premium tools on the market, the app will not specifically highlight your weak areas and does not offer customs exercises to solve those issues.

Customize – Keyblaze allows us to create custom lessons, exercises, and tests. You can set your own word per minute goals you wish to achieve throughout the course.

Printable Certificate – After completion users will get a printable course certificate showing that they have mastered a certain skill level of typing.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor


  • KeyBlaze is based on expert lessons and knowledge.
  • Beginners can access ‘How to guides’.
  • Users can see their progress in graphs and scores.
  • Designed for students aged 6 to 99.
  • It can be used as a teaching tool.
  • It offers multi-user access. Sharing options available.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
A very comprehensive and user-friendly way to learn correct typing habits. The latest version of Windows is not supported.
There is no payment required to install this software. Access to more in-depth games will require a purchase.

KeyBlaze Typing Tutor System Requirement

Operating Systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

Technical specification

Title KeyBlaze Typing Tutor 3.03 Latest
File Size 2.5 MB
File Name KeyBlazeTypingTutorSoftware.exe
License Free
Author NCH Software


Overall, NCH’s KeyBlaze Typing Tutor Software is proven to get results and has a full armory of techniques and hacks to help you succeed. It will allow you to work out where you are struggling, tell you what you need to improve and then give you the recognition when you succeed.

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