How to Change Your Password in Windows

January 20, 2020 - (Freeware)

There are several very good reasons you might want to change the password to your Windows computer. Personally, I’d like to think you want to change your password simply because you know it’s a smart thing to do every so often to keep your PC secure.

Of course, another good reason to change your password is if your current password is too easy to guess…or maybe too hard to remember!

Regardless of the reason, changing your password is very easy, no matter which version of Windows you have. You can change your password in Microsoft Windows via the User Accounts applet in Control Panel.

However, the steps involved to change your password differ somewhat depending on which operating system you’re using, so be sure to take note of those differences when they’re called out below.

Step 1: Open Start Menu

Go to the desktop of your computer and click on the Start menu button.

Step 2: Select Control Panel

Open the Control Panel.

Step 3: User Accounts

Select “User Accounts and Family Safety”.

Step 4: Change Windows Password

Under the “User Accounts” subheading, select “Change your Windows password”.

Step 5: Change Password

Select “Change your password”.

Step 6: Enter Password

Select the “Current password” field and enter your current password. Then select the “New password” field and enter the new password you would like to have. Re-enter your new password into the “Confirm new password” field, and finally invent a password hint and enter it into the “Type a password hint” field. Click the “Change password” button when finished.

Your Computer Login Password has now been changed.

Tips and More Information

Now that your Windows password has been changed, you must use your new password to log in to Windows from this point forward.

Trying to change your password in Windows (because you forgot it) but can’t get into Windows (again, because you forgot your password)? Most people use a Windows password recovery program to crack or reset the password but you should also see our complete list of ways to find lost passwords in Windows for some other options as well.

Another option is to create a Windows password reset disk. While not a required part of changing your password, I highly recommend that you do this.

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