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October 17, 2019 - Andres Age (Freeware)
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Descargar Megadownloader is a free download manager that can help you organize and automate grabbing of files from the popular cloud storage platform With streamlined user interface and integrated tools for easy management download queues, MegaDownloader can be easily used by occasional users of this cloud storage service who just want an easier way of downloading occasional files, but it also provides a gateway for enthusiasts and professional users who want to rely on to be their remote backup storage location, one online stop for hosting files for business collaboration or even streamline enjoyment of multimedia files with built-in support for reproducing downloaded video files (with the help of the VLC plugin).

descarger megadownloader

MegaDownloader is the free and fast app that lets you download files directly from to your computer. While this app is unofficial it’s designed specifically to make the business of downloading files from Mega as easy and as quick as possible. There is also a companion app for uploading to but that’s a topic of discussion for another time!

Intrinsically dispensing users with the cloud storage services, MEGA Downloader 2018 promotes quick storing, sharing and downloading of the indispensable files to a Windows PC.

descarger megadownloader

Entrusting to be a free application for download and installation, MEGA Downloader Exe gives details regarding the speed of the download, file size, download status, and progressing stage of the file installation.

By just copying the URL of the desired file, MEGA Downloader for Windows PC aims for its instant download, with pasting the same at the app location.

Why Use MegaDownloader?

For anyone who uses, this is a great free way of downloading files fast. The app allows users to download multiple files simultaneously, it’s completely secure and is as simple to use. The size of the files does not really matter that much since it’s also prepared to handle big data.

How To Install and Use

MegaDownloader is a lightweight app that can be installed on your PC in mere seconds. Its user interface of the app is minimalistic, featuring easy-to-use tools for organizing the download of MEGA files, all without any presence of ads or even need to visit website. Simply copy the link of the file (URL and the included download key) and the app will immediately recognize it in your clipboard, and add it to the download queue. The download queue listing takes the majority of the app screen, with tabs for the files name, full size, currently downloaded size, estimated time of finishing the download, download status, visual progress bar, and download speed indicator. The only buttons on the screen are large bright red controls for starting, pausing and stopping of download, with one more button to add new links manually.

The Options screen of this download manager allows users to take full control over the way the app is behaving, which includes authenticating user credentials with MEGA server, download path customizing, connection management, setting up of file streaming, management of pre-shared keys, ECL accounts and much more.

Descargar Megadownloader Features

  • Available for all modern versions of Windows OS, on desktop PCs, laptops and tablets.
  • Integrated support for video streaming – Integration with VLC video player can enable you to directly playback video files that are being streamed from
  • Completely free for use, with no in-app microtransactions, subscriptions or hidden fees.
  • Download files of all sizes – From several kilobytes to several gigabytes, Mega Downloader can handle them all. Be aware that downloading multiple large files can put a strain on older PC configurations.
  • Rapid download speed – Unleash the full potential of your internet connection.
  • No need to visit Mega website – Authenticate your account in MegaDownloader and download files without the need to ever visit
  • Integrated support for video streaming – Integration with VLC video player can enable you to directly playback video files that are being streamed from
  • Support for segmented download for each file – Boost the download speed by downloading several segments of each file at the same time.
  • Automated download of a large number of files – Perfect for both occasional users who want hassle-free download and cloud storage enthusiasts who want to rely on MEGA for file backup or collaborative file sharing.
  • Support for parallel downloads – Take full control over organizing the download of a large number of files.

MegaDownloader download

Advantages of Using Descargar Megadownloader

  • The application can be downloaded and processed for free.
  • The app accommodates distinctive features and is nourished with designs.
  • The download manager is free of ads.
  • It is instantaneous with apt process management.
  • Supports various apps such as VLC and IDM.

Is MegaDowloader safe to use?

Absolutely, it’s very safe to use. Many people get this question when opting to download files some an online service that too using a third party downloader.

First of all, you can clearly observe each and every URL you use on the downloader which is prefixed with an HTTPS. So Mega uses SSL means 128-bit encryption to the files.

You might argue on this like this is for the people who upload files and doesn’t work the other way. You’re wrong, this applies the other way too.

When using MegaDownloader, the files that are being pulled from the same encrypted server. And, there won’t be any manipulation between the session.

Most people trust IDM/Internet Download Manager or any other Downloader. The same way it was built and only dedicate to downloading of Mega.NZ Files.

MegaDownloader Pros and Cons 

Pros Cons
Free Limited to one site
Fast No preloaded extra languages

Descargar Megadownloader System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
Windows PC requires NET 4.0 or a higher version

Descargar Megadownloader Technical Specification 

Title MEGA Downloader   V1.7
Filename MegaDownloader_v1-7.exe
File Size 2.0 MB
Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10
Developer Andres age
Last Updated September 04, 2018


Though MEGA Downloader does not list as an official application, it is completely safe to get the sorted files from MEGA.NZ for your Windows PC. The fact which adds a jewel in the crown is that the MEGA Downloader is completely free and lets users download the multiple files at a particular point of time during his online sessions.

All it needs is to just paste a correct URL, followed by a click on the download button. It is to be carefully noted that many fishy websites such as Reddit etc., promote a malicious and erred download of files. On the contrary, this website aims to serve its users with a 100% safe and secured download.

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