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November 20, 2019 - Brother (Freeware)
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Brother Drivers need to be updated regularly in order to keep devices running well. This is particularly true if you have upgraded to a new operating system such as Windows 10. Driver updates will fix any Driver issues with your Brother devices and improve the performance of your PC. You can manually update Brother drivers or use a driver update tool to automatically download and update any missing or out-of-date Drivers.


What are Drivers and why do I need them?

Software Drivers are essentially small pieces of code that enable communication between your computer and a device (such as an audio device, USB, printer etc.). If everything is working well, you won’t even notice your software Drivers and they will just do the job they are supposed to do.

Problems locating Drivers?

If you are having problems locating Drivers then your best option is usually to use a Driver Update Tool such as DriverDownloader to locate, download and update the Drivers for you.


DriverDownloader has a Drivers scan option so you can run an initial scan of your PC. This will let you confirm that the issues is indeed with your Drivers before committing to registering the product.


Why should you download Driver Update Software?

Apart from updating your Brother Drivers, installing Driver Update Tool gives:

  • Up to 3 times faster internet connection and download speeds
  • Better PC performance for games and audio applications
  • Smooth-running of all your PC devices such as printers, scanners etc.
  • Better all-round performance of your PC due to automatic driver updates which will
    keep all your devices and your PC in top condition

Option 1: Manually Update Brother Drivers

To manually update your Brother Drivers do the following:

  1. have your Brother model number ready (usually underneath or back of the device, you don’t need the longer serial number, just model number)
  2. Go to the Brother website and type in your model number and click search
  3. Select downloads and then select the Operating System you are using
  4. Find the correct Driver and download the file
  5. Then double-click on the file once downloaded and proceed to install the updated Driver

For various reasons you may wish to use a Driver Update Tool instead of manually updating all Drivers as and when necessary. A Driver Update Tool such as DriverDownloader (certified and monitored by AppEsteem), will ensure all your Drivers are kept up-to-date automatically.

Option 2: Automatically Update Brother Drivers with DriverDownloader

To use a Driver Update Tool to update your Brother Drivers, follow the steps set out below:

Free Download Software

  1. Download DriverDownloaderSearching for Driver Updates
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to run the software
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install
  4. For automatic Driver, Updates choose to register the software (30-day money-back guarantee)

How do I know if I need to update my Drivers?

If you are unsure of whether or not you need to update your Drivers, or indeed which Drivers may need to be updated, you can run a Drivers scan using a driver update tool using the link above (you will need to pay to register this tool but the Drivers scan is free). This will allow you to assess your Driver’s needs without any commitment. Alternatively, you can use the device manager to check if there are problems with any of your hardware devices.

Device Manager

Common Brother Drivers Problems:

The most common Brother Driver errors occur when users upgrade their Operating System to Windows 10 but fail to update their Drivers. Printer Driver errors are common in both USB and wireless printers. In the case of wireless printers always check that the network is working on other devices before proceeding with any troubleshooting steps. The same is true of USB printers. Test that both the USB port and cable are working first.

  • Brother printer driver dcp-j125
  • Brother printer driver hl-2270dw
  • brother printer driver hl-1110
  • brother printer driver hl-1111
  • brother printer driver hl-2280dw
  • Brother Printer Drivers for Windows 7
  • brother printer driver windows 8

When you update to a new Operating System (such as Windows 10), many of your devices such as printers and audio devices may not work properly. This is because the Drivers are not always compatible with the new Operating System. When you have numerous devices, finding and updating Drivers can be a very tedious task. This is where we come in! With a full 30-day money-back-guarantee and software monitored and certified by AppEsteemDriver Downloader is a widely trusted and relied-upon Driver Update solution.

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